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Half-Hourly Meter

Understanding Half-hourly meters. Half Hourly meters- what is it?

A half-hourly electricity meter is specially designed to automatically record details about the usage of electricity in business in every 30 minutes. This provides the information to the supplier in real-time. These types of meters are designed specifically for businesses and are not available for residential use.

Benefits of Half Hourly meter
  • Provides exceptionally accurate and up to date meter readings
  • The readings are submitted automatically, so there is no need for you to take and submit the readings manually. Thus, help to save your time
  • The contract of the half-hourly meter users are customized to their unique profile
  • It provides you with detailed information about when your business uses the electricity in bulk which will help you curb down the usage to save your money
Drawbacks of Half Hourly Meter
  • Half hourly electricity prices are usually high than the normal electricity prices because some company charge for a meter operator that covers the rent and maintenance of the half-hourly Meter. £500 per annum, depending on the meter operator and type of Meter you choose for your business. The contract would cost you between £250 to £500 per annum, depending on the meter operator and type of Meter you choose for your business.
  • There is massive traffic in getting a new contract or renewing an old standard half hourly contract, which will take more time than the usual contracts.
  • Once a half-hourly meter is installed, most of the suppliers do not change it to other types of meters.
How to find the type of Meter I am currently having?

Look at your current bill to identify the type of electric supply you currently have. It can be determined from the MPAN number or supplier number on your bill. However, if you don’t have your energy bill available, then the electricity distributor of your area can help you identify it.

A meter number consists of 12 digits starting with an S. if you find the first two digits of your meter number 00, then you have a half-hourly meter and vice versa.

Is using a half-hourly Meter for business necessary?

If your business has an electricity demand of 100kW or more in 30 minutes, or if you find your meter number starting with 06,08, 05,07 while renewing your contract, you are required to have a half-hour meter. It is a necessity acknowledged by the Balancing and Settlements Code governing the electricity supply and is also a part of the conditions for electricity supply license.

Can I change my half-hourly Meter?

Positively. You can switch your half-hourly e-suppliers or tariff anytime you want. For finding the best deals on your half hourly rate, you need to look around and get some quotes. It is advisable to start looking for the court six months before your contract ends or renewal.