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Best Business Electricity Suppliers in UK

With so many business electricity suppliers available in the market, it can be challenging for a business owner to decide the best one for him. Don’t worry, we are here to answer your queries by comparing electricity suppliers. Every business is different and has its own unique needs and ideas. Here we have curated the list of the most popular suppliers who have a lot to offer.

BES Utilities

Based in the UK, BES Utilities is an independently owned group of Companies. They are involved in providing commercial electricity and gas, and also business telecommunications. Additionally, they also help businesses decrease their utility bills and save money on them.

British Gas

By supplying energy to over 400,000 businesses, British Gas has become the largest and best domestic business electricity supplier in the UK. The company has two years of experience working hard with the community and being trustworthy and reliable.

Corona Energy

The company focuses on providing the consumers with great quality service with their customer contracts and well-trained, dedicated staff who are always available to help the customers.

Dual Energy

The company works to build itself outside the tag of “The Big 6”. Dual energy provides the customers a lower price than the bigger companies..


The company is among the “The Big 6” making it the largest energy provider in the UK. The company, with its strong interest in your carbon footprint, provides you with innovative energy solutions.

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The company has been engaged in producing around 20% of the electricity in the UK, making it the largest domestic and business electricity supplier. The customers of the company often say that they received great rates and easy switch over.

Haven Power

The company, with its personal approach, helps the customers as much as possible. They like to know the owner and the company to provide smart solutions.

Hudson Energy

Hudson is an independent and innovative renewable business electricity supplier that aims to provide energy at a competitive price that suits the needs of the customers’ business.


Npower, has made itself the leading electricity supplier in the UK and serves over 5 million homes and businesses. The company’s sole focus remains on its customer service.

Orsted Energy

By keeping close communication with the customers, the company tries to provide them with new solutions to meet the needs of their business.

PFP Energy

The company, by supplying energy, has made it to the list of the top 10 cheapest National tariffs. The company is a non-profit energy supplier in the UK. They are well known among the customers for their honesty and services at good value for money.

Scottish Power

The company based in Scotland is among “The Big 6” supplying energy to more than 5 million domestic and business premises across the UK. They stay up to date with changes in the needs of the businesses and offer customers the best deal.


The company with in-depth knowledge of the industry is in a unique position to help your business by putting you on the right contract.

Total Gas and Power

The company has been supplying energy to over 175,000 sites ranging from non-profit organizations, public service, small all, and medium businesses to large industrial and commercial companies.

YU Energy

The company is growing faster by focusing on the customers and the services they receive. With them, you get the benefit of no wait phone service. Also, they provide you with a personal account manager to help you with your business needs.