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Commercial Energy Bills

Understanding the Commercial Energy Bills

Commercial energy bills are the most onerous bills to understand, due to the presence of complicated terminology, figures, and abbreviations. Most of the people don’t even try to understand the commercial gas prices and the commercial electricity rates, the best they do is look at the total amount of the bill and pay. However, it is essential to take out some time to understand your commercial energy bills.

What is the need to understand business energy bills?

Understanding your energy bills will of great benefit to you; most importantly, it would help you save your money.

For instance, if you know your commercial gas prices and commercial electricity rates, you can analyze and determine your commercial bills if you are paying an unnecessary cost for your energy.. By understanding your bill, you will be able to shop around to look for a better deal on energy.

What plan am I on?

Knowing what plan you are on is the best way to start understanding your bills. The details of your plan are mentioned on your bill on the front page.

Being on a standard tariff is the worst one you can be on as they are suppliers benefiting tariff whose price fluctuates with the market making them the most expensive one with no benefits

However, it has got a positive aspect that you are not tied in so you can switch anytime you want. Some of the other types of tariff plans are dual fuel, fixed-rate, prepayment, green, and online.

How to know the amount of electricity or gas I consume?

To know your commercial cost of electricity or gas per KWH consumption, check the bill’s second left-hand side box, which will provide you the details of the amount of kWh you used during a specific period.

This information will help you understand what time of the year you use the most energy and help you curb down the additional usage.

How to know my mode of payment?

Once again, your electricity bill will come handy to provide you details of the mode of payment to pay to your commercial energy suppliers. We have found that for paying your energy bills, debit cards are the most cost-effective way.

MPAN and MPRN number- What are they?

Meter Point Administration Number or MPAN is the number for electricity meter, which can be found on your bill under the section “Details of the charge.” It is a 21-digit number that starts with S. MPRN; on the other hand, it is the meter reference number, also known as meter point number, which is unique to your gas meter.

Both the numbers are unique to your Meter and allow you to quickly identify the correct Meter when you choose to switch your energy.

What to do now?

After acquiring all this information, what to do next? Use these details to find yourself a better deal for your business energy prices.

If you find you are on a standard tariff, then you have the ease of switching anytime and getting a better deal for yourself. However, if you are on a fixed rate tariff, you have to wait for your contract to end before you can switch your energy.