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Best Business Gas Suppliers in the UK

With the market full of different commercial gas suppliers, it is challenging to choose the best one for your business. These options usually make our mind foggy with the questions where do I start? What makes this supplier different from others? Don’t worry; we have got you covered here.
Every business has got its unique needs and ideas, which makes it different from the other one.So, based on this, we have curated a list of most popular suppliers you can take your gas supply from.

Avanti Gas

The company is not only one of the largest suppliers of LPG, but is also a prominent supplier of natural gas and has renewable options like biomass for its customer in the UK.

BES Utilities

Based in the UK, BES Utilities is an independently owned group of Companies providing the customers with a simple, quick, and easy gas quotes that help their business to cut down the cost on their utility bills.

Corona Energy

The company focuses on providing the consumers with great quality service with their customer contracts and well-trained, dedicated staff who are always available to help the customers.


By supplying energy to 70 countries around the world, the company has succeeded in making their energy supply more sustainable and efficient.

Gazprom Energy

The company supplies energy to its customers and the other gas suppliers in the UK. They have got a steady energy supply hold in 4 countries with a supply to 30,000 industrial and commercial customers.


The company has been engaged in producing around 20% of the electricity in the UK, making it the largest electricity supplier. The customers of the company often say that they received great rates and easy switch over.

Haven Power

It is one of the leading energy providers in the UK, providing gas and electricity supply to over 5 million homes and businesses. The company’s primary focus remains on customer service and tries to be more than just a supplier of energy.

Hudson Energy

Hudson is an independent and innovative renewable energy supplier that aims to provide energy at a competitive price that suits the needs of the customers’ business.


Npower, has made itself the leading energy company in the UK and serves over 5 million homes and businesses. The company’s sole focus remains on its customer service.

Opus Energy

The company is the fifth-largest B2B energy supplier in the UK, which provides energy services to about 355,000 business firms. Theyare specialized in providing service to small businesses.

PFP Energy

The company by supplying PFP energy, is thriving to be on the list of top 10 cheapest National energy provider in the UK.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power provides it services to more than 5 million domestic and business firms in the UK. The company keeps itself updated with the changes and offers its customers the best deals possible.

Total Gas and Power

The company supplies energy to over 175,000 sites ranging from small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations,public services, and large industrial and commercial companies.

YU Energy

They are is one of the quickly growing energy suppliers in the UK whose focus remains on the customers and the service they receive.