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What are the Electricity Profile Class and How do I know mine?

How can I find which Profile Class I belong in?

You can find your electricity profile class with the first two digits of a supply number. A supplier number is a 21- digit number printed on your energy bill. They have got nine classes ranging from 00-08.
It depends on the amount of energy you use and also the time of its usage.

Profile Class- What do they mean?

While looking around for energy quotes from different suppliers, you may come to know about profile class, and its influence on the price offered to you. They are calculated in price per kWh.

Different types of Profile class

Profile Class 01 (Domestic Unrestricted)

The majority of the consumers belong to this profile Class. They typically have a low usage class of energy, so the home business firms in this class do not need to switch to an unlimited business plan. However, it may be beneficial in some cases.

Profile Class 02 (Domestic Economy 7)

This profile class belongs to the home consumer of energy. It is commonly known as a differential tariff. This is because this class helps the small energy users to save money between business peak hours.
The calculator separately calculates for day and night hours, and you will receive a quote of an average day and a lower nightly rate. This will help you save money during these hours.
To be a part of profile Class 02, the consumer needs to update to economy 7 and get a meter installed.

Profile Class 03 (Non-Domestic Unrestricted)

This class belongs to small and micro business users having low uses of electricity. The group has a standard single charge per kWh, which is the most suitable for those with a smaller consumption of energy.

Profile Class 04 (Non-Domestic Economy 7)

Just like class 02, this group also has got economy 7 installed on a business or commercial meter other than a domestic one. It offers a separate day and night charge rate to the owners. Thus, it can be used to reduce the cost of electricity during and peak hours.

Profile Class 05-08 (Maximum Demand)

This class is for the non-domestic energy users, having high electricity usage. All of this profile class can be differentiated by its Peak Load Factor.
Here is the breakdown of the Profile Class from 05-08
Profile Class 05- LF is lower than 20%
Profile Class 06- LF is between 20%-30%
Profile Class 07- LF is between 30%-40%
Profile Class 08- LF is more than 40%

Profile Class 00 (Maximum Demand with LF over 100kW)

This class has always been under maximum demand half-yearly with an LF over 100 kW, meaning the annual consumption would be 100,000 kWh or more. The reading is sent to the supplier every 30 minutes. Thus, making the readings more accurate. Also, it will help to find a better price deal to people looking for energy quotes.

What if the profile class I am in is not the one for me?

If you feel you are not fit for a particular profile class and can benefit from different profile class, you need to contact your current electricity supplier to discuss it.