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No standing Charge

Understanding the terminology of No-standing charge contract

No standing charges and zero standing charges are the two ways of saying the same thing. In simple words, you need not pay anything for having a gas or electricity supply. Instead, you pay only for the gas or electricity you used. In UK there is only few zero standing charge suppliers which offer this type of contract. They can be beneficial for businesses with low gas and electricity usage.

Who can benefit from low standing charges?

A business firm operating seasonally can benefit from such contracts, as they would only have to pay for the time of year they are operating. Another business that can benefit from no standing charge electricity contracts is village or community halls. This is because; they are operational only few times a year and do not have much gas and electricity usage.

Alternatively, there is a possibility for you to cut down the cost if you use a lot of electricity but less gas. Additionally if you have standing charge on your gas, and paying a standing charge for your electricity usage will help your business financially. However, every business has got its unique needs and has to find out what works best for them.

Which energy suppliers in the UK offer no standing charge?

It is challenging to find a supplier who offering no standing charge energy as there is not much information available on most of the supplier’s websites about whether they offer or don’t offer any standing charge. You can call them individually and ask them, but it will require hours of hard work.

So, we have eased out your work by providing the list of suppliers offering no standing charge to business firms.

  • Opus Energy
  • British gas
  • Avanti Gas
  • Yu Energy
  • CNG – No standing charge only on supply gas
  • Corona Energy- No standing charge available only on gas
  • Utilita- No standing charge available only on electricity
  • Total Gas and Power- No standing charge only on gas
How to find the cheapest contract for your business?

A zero standing charge tariffs contract is worth considering for the business firms having low gas or electricity usage. To do so, you need to get quotes from some of the suppliers offering zero standing charge electricity contracts to compare their rates with a standing charge type contract. However, to get a quote from a supplier offering no standing charge, you will need to provide the details of your electricity or gas usage over a year, along with the details of your business address and size.